Bug Off!

Bug Off!


Bug Off!!! is an all natural and true Southern Folk insect repellant that has been used for years to ward off biting insects. It is a locally wildcrafted product that I am very pleased to offer. Bug Off!! can help you naturally enjoy your time outdoors without the harmful chemicals that commercial repellants contain. Shake, Spray, and Enjoy the Outdoors!


Ingredients- Distilled water, Extracts of Beauty Berry, Dog Fennel, and catnip in bases of rubbing alcohol and witch hazel, and lemon eucalyptus essential oil.


** Careful should be taken when spraying on light colored clothing. Although this product dries quickly, it could potentially stain clothing**


NOTE: When quantities are out of stock, please be patient as we work to prepare small batches to ensure the utmost quality and freshness of each product.